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Default Fishing at Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta

Anyone ever fish up at Lesser Slave? It's about 2 1/2 hours due north of Edmonton, Alberta, and the walleye fishing can be phenomenal. Myself and four buddies were there during the first week of July 2008. We fished for six days, went through 2 lbs. of leeches, 6 -8 tubs of frozen minnows, and 6-8 tubs of night crawlers. We were then out of bait, and went with artificials. What a week!!! We kept count, and by week's end, had caught somewhere over 1700 fish. Unbelievable. Literally every cast produced a fish. All we had to do was find a weed flat in about 7' of water, and then work the edge of it out to about 9'. Throw a jig into the weeds and work it out to the deeper water - fish on, every time. We didn't catch very many big walleyes, most were around 2 lbs., but we did get into some 10 - 12 lb. pike in the same areas. Absolutely awesome!! We were just there ice fishing in mid-Feb; slower action, but very steady. Lived right on the ice for three nights, and had a blast. Lots of walleyes, burbot(fresh water ling), and a few pike. I'm at work, so I'll have to post some pictures later.

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