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Thumbs down To have it all & then throw it away

His immature actions cost and and I bet will keep piling up more actions like this:


You get blessed with a talent but just throw it away. What a shame.
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The sad reality is that I would guess most youth try it at one time or another. I did. Now, so did Michael Phelps. Not terribly shocking but yes disappointing.
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Heck, Bill Clinton even admitted to trying it, but HE didn't inhale!

We seem to hold these atheletes to such higher standards, but we keep forgetting they're just as human as the rest of us and are subject to the same temptations. If the photo/video had showed him bombed out of his mind on booze, it would have been brushed under the rug.

Just my 2 cents worth....
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Don't judge him without walking a mile in his shoes. I can't imagine the pressure that kid was under in the water and out after the games were over.

That's my .02. Oh and I don't think he threw it all away either.
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People put other people too high up on the pedestal. For those throwing stones, I'll bet there's a lot in their past they wouldn't be proud of.

Like Justin Huish, got to meet him when he came here to Hawaii. He was so greatful just to set in my ground blind and hunt. No pressure.
When I saw a buddy of mine at Burger King, I said this is my friend Justin Hughes. winked and we left without a scene.

I wouldn't want that kind of pressure.
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Originally Posted by greywolf View Post
for those throwing stones, i'll bet there's a lot in their past they wouldn't be proud of.
nail on the head!!
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