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Default Turkeys and Ralph

Did anyone see the show this week? They're hunting turkeys (no, no, Ralph doesn't get shot!!) and hogs.

The show was great and it was wonderful to see Ralph taking his mom hunting (although he could have slowed down a bit so she did not have to almost run to keep up with him!).

As for someone being a total idiot and saying something about her using a crossbow instead of a compound bow, well, I think Ralph was nice in what he said. Who would even think of saying something stupid like that? Or dare to write it down and send it? Sheesh! Can you tell that made me madder than a wet hen?!?!?

So I had to post and say:

You go Ralph!!

Take your mom hunting as long as she wants to go and let her use the weapon of her choice. If someone has a problem with that, then you send them to me and I will show them how us Texas women settle an argument!!!

Stinking idiots!!!
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