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Done! I have my vote in for R & V
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That's just a front web page poll and means nothing. It even took me a couple of days to find it since I was looking in the forums and passed right by the page. Plus like Monie said, you can refresh your browser and vote again. That's not very cool.

Nothing against Lee and Tiffany or any of the others that are also listed on that poll, but I have seen shows from each of the couples and Ralph and Vicki's shows have that something special that make me look forward to each and every episode. They bring playful competition and certainly a lot of inclusion and fun into each and every hunting experience.

What's this? Do I see Ralph tearing up? Now don't go gettin' all emotional on us....
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Default what the? lol

Padding the vote huh...LOL ?
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lol...well...the poll WAS for favorite hunting couple...not favorite hunting blonde.

If they're going to set up a poll...at least make it where each person can vote only once. Sheesh.

Everyone knows Ralph and Vicki have won numerous awards for favorite hunting couple. I'm sure they will continue to do so.
If you're not leaning, no one can let you down.




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