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Default My Firearms Moose Hunt

There doesn't seem to be much going on here right now, so I'm posting this little report.

Just got back from my moose hunt in zone 47 in Ontario. We had seven hunters and one bull tag.

A friend who's a member of the North American Hunting Club got a couple of aerosol cans of cow moose urine. Since he couldn't hunt this year, he gave them to me to try out, and I gave them to a couple of our guys (Paul and Dave) who were planning to try calling moose. This method rarely works this late in the season.

The two guys went out opening morning. Paul was the caller, and Dave set up about 50 yds down wind from him at the edge of a beaver marsh about 85 yds wide.

They each sprayed about 10 seconds, and commenced calling. After about 20 minutes Paul began hearing an answer at right angles to the wind direction, while Dave heard a moose from directly down wind.

Dave had two moose come out across the beaver pond, and fired at the larger. They turned to the left, and when they separated sufficently, he put another round at the bigger one - it went down in a pile.

These first two pictures are of Dave with his moose, and him and a couple of the guys with it as well.

Once we began cleaning it we heard a noise in the distance, and lo and behold, look at what showed up:

It was an MNR chopper, which they set down on the next hill. An MNR CO and an OPP CO came over, inspected the moose and the tag, and then asked to see our licences. Over-all, they were very friendly, courteous and easy going - much different from most of my previous encounters with COs. They left us all with a very positive impression.

Afterward Dave posed with the COs and their pilot.

The CO said the moose was about 4 1/2 years old, and I green scored him at 149 with a 48 2/8 inch spread.

We saw two more bulls during the week, but for the first time in several years, I didn't see a moose during the gun hunt - I did see a stinky old bear though.

BTW, this is Dave's first moose.
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I like the Pics! Tell your buddy Congrats for me!!

I'm Proof As To What Little Girls Are Made Of
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Nice bull! Those chocolate antlers look impressive for the province. Thanks for sharing it.
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good job

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nice bull also nice pics
let your shot be true and timely

diamond black ice
hostage rest
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that would be awesome!!!! nice bull!!
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