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Default First Bow Kill

Chokma (hello) to all from the greatest state in the union, Oklahoma and the heart of Chickasaw country -

Got busy practicing for the open of bow season then decided to move to a new house so I've been out of the loop for a while. I got to hunt a couple of times and passed on an old doe that still had a fawn with her. Saturday last I took a shot at another big doe, a honey of a shot at ten yards and my Rage decided to deploy mid-air, veering off course by a good bit. The following day I got a good shot at what I thought was a young doe. About fifteen yards but I rushed the shot and shot too far back. The "doe" walked off and I could clearly see the pass-through, huge entrance and exit wound, gushing blood, bile and a little undigested corn and forage. The Rage performed this time, and though I was sick about the bad shot I was confident I could recover the "doe" if I backed off.

My dad and I went back to town and came back after dark, some two and a half hours after the shot. We tracked the blood trail for about 60 yards, finding decent blood and a bit of bile and so forth here and there. Low and behold we found the "doe" dead under a cedar tree, only it wasn't a doe. "She" was a very young buck with little nubbins that hadn't pierced the head skin. It was a complete pass through the forward GI track and managed to get some damage to the liver. The entrance and exit wounds were just enormous, easily 4" on the exit side, 2-3" on the entrance, regardless of the advertised 2" cutting surface on deployment. I was pumped, felt like I was on a tv show after tracking and walking up on that little buck. So, other than the bad shot and shooting a nubbin buck I felt alright about it.

Looks like someone was doing some poaching because the buck had a entrance and exit wound that was just healing above the shoulder. It wasn't more than two days into the Oklahoma gun season when I took this buck. My neighbors are a bunch of good ole' boys who like to take pot shots from the front porch. Anyhow, that's my story. Hope y'all are having a good season as well.
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