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Default My TimberWolf

My wife Casi & I just got back a couple weeks ago from Canada, visiting & hunting with our good friends Dan & Jill Schafer. My wife Casi & I have had this trip planned now for close to a year & we definitely had a fantastic time.

The hunting was completely different than anything Iíve ever done. We were hunting the remote Big Woods. The typical day included taking a boat or ATV several miles back, and then hiking a ways further into some secluded areasÖ areas which nobody else was at and in one case has never been hunted before. The deer movement though was slow mostly because of the odd weather and the stress that the wolves seem to keep on the deer. But I wouldíve done it again in a heartbeat. We were hunting DIY style hunt in some beautiful country.

One day on a hike into one of our stands along a logging road Casi & I spotted a pack of wolves close to our stand. They saw us and scattered. So I went ahead and put the camera stand up and started getting everything else ready. Right as we were putting our safety harnesses on, we heard something coming through the bush towards us. So I quickly put a primer into the Muzzleloader and saw 3 wolves at about 60 yards. I took aim at one which was standing on a tree stump and fired. The wolf immediately growled, but stopped after about 10 seconds. I felt confident I hit the wolf & quickly loaded again. I could hear the rest of the pack moving all around us & surprisingly they didnít scatter too far.

As soon as I was loaded up, I started slowly walking towards the wolf and thatís when the other wolves started howling. They were maybe 100 yards from us in the treeís and hearing something like that, that close, made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Iíve heard wolves howling at miles away, but never this close. But they stayed in the trees and sure enough the wolf I shot at, dropped on the spot. I was excited to say the least. This was my 1st experience with a timber wolf & one Iíll never forget. It was a mature female, and I was happy to put my wolf tag on her.

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