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Default Finally got out tonight

Tonigth was the 1st I have been able to get out to hunt. I had an 8pt buck walk in on me to less then 5yds. I had more than a hand full of opportunities to drop him. But due to the fact that Iím hunting a deer management program and you have to take a doe first before you shoot a buck, I had to let him walk. The up side is that he had no idea I was there and he will be back another day. It's kind of funny that when you want a doe to show up you only see bucks. That makes it 3 years in a row that I have had shooter bucks in bow range giving me perfect shot opportunitys before I got my doe.

Just to let every one know Iím not complaining. Just sharing a fun story. This is still a good day in the woods.
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Get that doe so we can see some pics of the buck down good luck

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