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Default My first Black Bear

I few months ago I had posted questions about judging black bears, I started baiting in early August in wisconsin, I ran 4 baits and 3 were very active and one died. I had my cudde back out the whole month and I got 400+ pics of black bears. in total from what I can tell I took pics of 20+ bears. I even had one come in to the bait while I was baiting, it was 10 feet from me Judging it was 150lbs. Any way the season started Sept. 3rd, I seen no bears the first day, I sat on a bait that wasnt as active as the one I harvesed the bear on but had to play the wind. The 2nd day I seen six black bears, and shot the 3rd bear looked very good from what I can tell. I shot it near dark, quartering away, and decided to go in the next morning with my grandpa. After a sleepless night we found her not even 20yds from where I shot her. I was VERY excited and releaved to see her laying there. It was a sow 240LBS dressed, and she had very nice blaze. I even got the shot on video with my cuddeback. It was a lot of work driving up north every thursday baitig, setting up, and preparing for my hunt, I waited 8 years to draw my tag, and all the work payed off, and to share it with my grandfather was awsome. Thanks for all the help with the bear tips.
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That is great stuff man! All that effort and BAM! Black Bear Down babay!!

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Very nice looking bear...Congratulations!
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Great bear! Love the blaze!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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Be careful!!!! Its addicting!!!!!
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congrats thats a nice bear.I know what you mean about baiting being alot of work.I ran 2 baits this spring and was out baiting it every week.Make trip after trip with hauling in barrels then the bait,then hauling everything out after.But its worth it for a nice bear.

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Excellent bear, great job!
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Congrats ! nice size Bear
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