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Default scent loc clothing

i have just bought a whole scent loc suit,my first. it was very expensive and was wondering about a few things that wasn,t on the tags. what is the best washing detergent to use and clothing spray to use to regenerate the clothing.also how often should a person launder his clothing and can you use scent sprays on the clothing when going hunting. thank you hank.
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Hi Hank,
For washing get a detergeant that is made for carbon clothing. I know scentlok makes some also. I like to reactivate mine twice a week in the dryer. For scents I usually just use a scent killer type spray. Hope this helps! Im sure you will notice a differance this year hunting. Scentlok works!
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Like bull said, use a soap for carbon suites only (Scent-Lok makes soap just for this) and reactivate in the dryer (40min @160 deg). Remember after reactivating place in an air tight container or a clean plastic bag will do too. You should reactivate every 40 hr in the field for best results. Donít use cover scent on your suite, because your suite is designed to take away scent. If you want cover scent use it around you but not on your suite. If you have any more questions PM me, or go to www.Scentlok.com or call them at 1-800-315-5799 great people.
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