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The great thing I like about the carbon is the fact you don't have to guess wether they are straight or not. An carbon arrow is either splintered/ shattered or it is fine to shoot. Never have had any problem with any of the ones that I have shot over the last 5 years.

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personal sudgestion with the lighter poundage and the short draw keep the weight in the arrow. Speed is great for 3d shoots but on game your not going to gain the speed you need to keep the penitration from the heavier arrows!! I have taught several Hundred kids to shoot archery and guilded several on bow hunts. With the draw weight and leangh of your bow use a good cut on contact broad head and the heavier arrow to get the best penitration. I really believe there is a difference in target shooting and bow hunting and set ups are and should be different.
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First and foremost is accuracy. That's easier to do with a correctly spined arrow. Some carbon shafts that I can think of that would work for you would be GT Ultralight 600's or Easton Carbon Epic 600's. Want more weight for a little extra confidence, just slip in a weight tube.
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Thanks you two!
I still haven't settled on any yet. Although I need to make up my mind real soon. PSE is sending me a Dozen Carbon Forces to try, can't wait!

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