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Originally Posted by nebrhuntress View Post
Thanks for the input, it just seems I am dropping out at 40 yards and am dead on at 30.

My last look at any shaft charts the 340 spines are way over spined for you. The 400 are closer to your setup and 100 grain head ought to be fine for FOC. Here's a great little way to verify that FOC IS correct. http://home.att.net/~sajackson/archery9.html .

Heavier arrows are fine but at some point you'll achieve all the KE that is needed to do the job. The Easton Epic shaft in camo is a fairly heavy carbon arrow and I've shot them with blazer vanes with great results. I put either a 100 grain or 125 grain broadhead on them and get great accuracy of POI. Out past 30 yards the heavier arrows have more arch and drop more than the lighter ones but an adjustment on my sight pins and I'm good to shoot out to 40 yards and further. I'm shooting 68# at 28" and I'm a borderline at a 400 spine or the next greater spine on some of the charts. On CE charts I'm a 350 spine. If I drop down one or two LBS. I'm a 400 spine for sure according to the Easton charts. Charts are starting point and not always the gospel truth. Spine is what it boils down to and over spined is as bad as under spined.

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Originally Posted by Bow Drawn View Post
Spine is what it boils down to and over spined is as bad as under spined.
I would have to disagree with this. You cant get an under spined arrow to group right, But you can group an over spined arrow. I shot 27 1/2" 2512 out of a 60 lbs w/28" draw 3-D bow for years and never had a problem with them (and that is way over spined). I have never had a problem with any arrows as long as they were not under sipned. Under spined arrows are the kiss of death to an archer!!! I also find most charts to be on the light side for spine on hunting arrows.
If you are shooting 340s and they are flying good and grouping then stick with it.
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