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Default Gut Pile uses

I just saw a show on NAHC with Dr. James Kroll. They wanted to see what effect a gut pile would have on a deer. So, out goes the gut pile, up goes the trail cam. First ones inspecting the pile was deer, then birds that picked and ate it and finally a bear.

Their conclusion is gut piles won't spook the deer after you get one.

I will test that theory as on my property I think I got the opposite results. However, since I do finally have a trail cam it will be interesting to see what gets into my next deer gut pile.

Now all I have to do is get that deer
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I figured a gut pile would scare away the deer till the coyotes cleaned it up.

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Not at all.

I've heard of deer actually eating some of it before...
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Dead deer don't even bother live deer. If you all could've seen the unedited version of FireDiver's hunt, you'd of seen 2 smaller bucks walking right up to his bruiser laying in the field and sniffing him over.

Wild animals probably see \ smell blood and guts every day, they're used to it.
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I killed a deer within 50yds of where my brother had killed and gutted a deer, that morning, last year. The guys I hunt with , other than my brother and youngun, won't clean a deer in the woods. They always throw them on the 4wheeler, take them to the barn and hang 'em up.
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I saw that, too. The scavengers were expected, but the interest the deer showed surprised me a bit.
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