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Default My first food plot!!!

I've always wanted to put a food plot in this area of the farm I hunt but couldn't access it with the equipment needed to do so. Well...this area was logged out last year and the loggers made a new road.

So, starting early tomorrow....I'll be a food plot plantin' fool

The land owner had already mowed down the tall grass last week so all we need to do is spread some 13-13-13 and till it up. The seed of choice is Evolved Harvest's Shot Plot which contains forage brassicas, including rape and turnip varieties. It is supposed to grow 24" in 45 days. This should be a good late season feeding location. FYI...the plot will be 1/2 acre in size.

Here are some "before" pictures. For reference, my truck is facing east. I would like to place a stand on the south side of the plot but there is not a single good tree in this area.

There are plenty on the north side so I will just have to be careful with the wind. I expect most of the action to approach from the east so the prevailing north wind should not be a problem as long as I don't let approaching deer cross my scent.

The back corner of the property where my truck is facing used to be my favorite spot on the farm. It is a textbook funnel....well, it was a textbook funnel. This area got logged hard and several big walnuts are gone. (At least I don't have to wear a hardhat in this area any more)

There is a potential for the wind to swirl in this area. If this happens, I'll just have to back off the food plot and intercept deer on their way to long as the loggers left me a decent tree.

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