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Cool Packs Versus Bowvest

Hello Everyone ,just Joined Your Forum. Ralph And Vicki, I Love Your Show. Their Are A Lot Of Bowvest Out Their With Lots Of Pockets And Some Nice Packs. I Was Wondering If A Pack Would Be More Versatile Versus A Bow Vest With Pockets To Carry What You Need. If So Do You Think A Pack With 2000 Cu.in. Be O.k.
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Go with the pack.

Welcome to the forum Hank.
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Originally Posted by Colorado Rick View Post
Go with the pack.

Welcome to the forum Hank.
What he said...

Pack you can take off in your stand and carry more stuff. Nothing to get your bow caught on....

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I used a bow vest for several years and loved it.......A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE!!!" The only way you would forget something is if you forgot your vest.

I stopped using it because it is the wrong camo
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The best solution is get the wife hunting and make her carry everything! I do!! Seriously I prefer a pack. You can always take it off without a hassle. JMO
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Good try bullmoose but I will carry my own.

I have a different spin, at home I use a Cabela's Pro Guide Blaze Systems vest. I can keep all the items I need in it that I use for an afternoon hunt - calls, gloves, rangefinder, etc, I even have room for a Montana Decoy to fit in the rear pouch.

Traveling, I use a Eberlestock X-1 backpack. It has room for extra clothing along with the standard items but not too large. It also works great as carry on luggage for the plane.

Back to the first part, my wife would try to hang curtains in the stand if I took her.

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I do both. The vest for the stuff I absolutly need. If you fall out of a tree and your emergancy stuff is in your pack and still in the tree what good is it!! My pack, I put in extra clothes, because by the time I hike in I get too hot and then get cold later, so I usually dont wear a coat walking in.

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