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Default Are you like me???

In the past....I could tell you where every stand was on the properties I hunt....what type of stand, how many tree steps, etc, etc.....and today I'm having a hard time figuring out where all of my stands are

I took some down after the season, I left some....and I moved others. Not only can I not remember where all of them are.......I'm not even sure I remember what I actually own

OK, I'm exaggerating some......but I'm not off by much. I'm gonna' have to go on a re-con mission after work to find all of my stands
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oh boy....better take brian w/ you, this sounds like a mission!
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Not yet!!! I know where everyone is!!!
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Bill Cosby had a part of his routine that basically said a man's brain is in his butt.

At first that would seem a little rude, until one examines the situation.

A man will enter a room two minutes after his wife asks him to retrieve something. He will stand in the middle of the room, look around, and try to figure out what he was sent for, because in the short time since she asked, he has forgotten.

He will pace the floor, he will examine everything in his visual reach for a clue about why he is in the room in the first place. This will take about 4 days.

He will then think to himself, "I am losing my mind, and he will drive the requested item further into his body by replacing it with thoughts of rest homes the children will place him in once they realize he is losing his memory.

It is only when the man, tired of standing in one place, attempts to sit down and retrace his steps that object is forced back into the forefront of his mind when the buttcheeks make contact with the seat of the chair.


In short... I would try sitting.
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haha thats old age

I only have to remeber were I put my 2 stands if I use them both but even then I still had trouble finding my stand from spring bear
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Lol That may be a sign that you have too many stands out! THe one guy I know had this topo map out and scattered all over was little yellow flags. Asked him what all the flags were and he said Stands! There must have been 20 something of them.

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All I can say is GPS!!!!
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