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Default Bow comparison test results


Bow Site does this test annually and it is very interesting when the results come in. Hope it does not shake you up on what you thought about your bow!

ps: Go to the bottom of the page and click on the red arrow pointing to the right to find the report.

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Wow! Looks like over all the DXT scored the most consistently.

Bowsite has a ton of good stuff, but I've found the forum less than helpful.

I really like the interactive Bloodtrails, and wish we had something like that here.

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Iím not surprised at all, that DXT is one finely tuned shooting machine. I just got mine last week and only shot it 2X. Itís stacking up arrows and groups broad heads great. And I have not even fine tuned it yet. Look out deer!!!
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i am guessing by the bowtech general score they didnt get an exploding one...
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