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Default Hmmmm

Originally Posted by HurricaneCreek View Post
Holy cow!! Glad we don't have them cats here. That would make me pretty nervous in the dark
Two years ago I had a friend from Or. state visiting here and while walking along the creek we came came across cougar tracks big tracks. He hunts cats back in Or. Shawnee National Forest contracts my neighbor and his pack horses pack rocks into the Forest and his dog has treed more than one big cat the past few years. They are here but if you ask DNR they will tell no big cats in the Forest. Hmmmm
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Seen that before on our Ontario hunting forum had the big debate wether it was real or photoshopped.

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I think that pic has been around for a couple years now. Still cool to see, someone did some nice Photo Chopping on it.

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That one has been around a while. It looks real though
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