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Sorry Redeye didn't mean to hijack the thread.

Long story short the guy couldn't afford to fight it. The rule stinks!!

Warden at the time was a p**** trying to make a name for himself!!!

Sorry again Redeye.
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Dont feel sorry York. We all hijack threads on here. It happens.... We will get it back on track for you Redeye.
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Another interesting occurance in the blind is that I've had old does literally 15' from the blind looking in and have drawn on them with out spooking. Just make sure to keep as many windows closed around you as you can but just the ones your going to shoot out of and wear dark clothes. FYI she tasted pretty good too.
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Last year I set mine up same day and hunted, but when a buck showed up, (an nice 8 pointer) he stood off and stared for some time, it didn't really spook him off, just kind of stopped him for a bit, and I lost out to darkness!!! My question is, do most of you keep the shoot thru netting down and shoot thru it???
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