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Default 3 cents worth!

Yup, 3 cents worth!! (that means you get a littel extra!) I used to shoot Muzzys many years ago, then when I started shooting again last year after a 13 year break , I tried lots of different BH, Mechanicals and fixed! Well, I got a ground blind so that kind of ruled out mechanicals, so I ended up shooting Montecs 100gr. I had good luck with the flight of most of the BH's, but the Montec seemed quite durable!!!! So now, this year rolls around, and after spending Hundreds of $$$$$$ last year trying different heads out, I see that nearly every BH out there took a price jump! (Most are now like $35 for 3) Well, I threw a fit!!!! I have sold all of my Montecs, and am back to Muzzy's!!!! A great durable head that can't be beat in price!!!!! (Well maybe Cabelas or BPS heads) So I am now back to a Muzzy man, and I bought 19 of them on another site for $50!!!!!!!!! And like 12 of them are brand new!!!! Price those babies out!!!!!
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