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Default Scents and sounds

This fall will be my first time deer hunting. I am wondering about scent(covers and attractants) and calls. I will be hunting during peak rut(1st or 2nd week of november). Any advice on what scents to use, if any, as attractant or cover. Also, what devices used as calls. Antlers, bleets, grunts etc. How to use these, frequency, length and duration? Any advice would be helpful.
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I've every had one buck to respond to a grunt call. He didn't make it! Well he made it to my family room wall, anyway! I had adoe come blasting in on me last year when I was messing with a "can". Don't know what I said, but she acted PISSED! Wouldn't come in close enough for my bow, but it was fun anyway. Rattlin' Antlers don't work where I hunt. I've heard if the buck to doe ratio ain't just right then a buck will more than likely go the other direction.

All that being said, I continue to carry them all into the woods along with the rest of the stuff that we're told works so well. Bottles of scent, like TINKS, disappears, from Wally World, fastner than free candy in a Kindergarden class! I quit buying it a couple of years ago after a bottle leaked in my pack. The onliest response I got from it was when my wife asked, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL ?"
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Cheri's god-father and I talked at length about scents and such. While he is not a firm believer in the Fresh Earth scented wafers, I am now. They are cheap as heck.

He stated he doesn't mess with many of the scents, but he does put a doe estrus on his boots. He is very conscious about eliminating as much as he possibly can, then letting the estrus do the rest.

He mentioned the name of the brand he uses, but I swear I can't recall it now. I'm going to call them tomorrow and I'll get that for ya.

Like VA, he said the cans are useless for anything other than a giggle. He rattles with real antlers, and if you ever saw just the front of his house, you'd wonder how he ever chose the antlers he uses. There are antlers piled 5 feet high in his living room, and the backyard seems to be where a whitetail convention was held.

He's in Oklahoma, and after talking with him, and seeing his... collection... I'm a believer in his simple yet effective tactics. Seriously... how can you argue with a guy whose home is a virtual crypt for whitetail?
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during the peak of the rut alot of emphasis gets put on the grunt. i think the one that is overlooked and that is very effective is a wheez. ive seen huge bucks come crashing thru the bush to see who is challenging.
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I've had a little success with grunt calls.
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I've had great luck with grunt calls, my favorite is the HS TrueTalker. It lets you do all the sounds from bleats up the the nastiest buck grunt you can imagine!!! Sometimes they come w/ and instructional tape too. I use a mix of real horns and rattlebags, if you go the bag route make sure you get one of the larger ones, they tend to sound better. Peak rut will probably be a little late to be rattling anyways, you still can but the deer usually have sorted out pecking order before the peak hits also as said above if you have a ton of does in the area it's going to be tuff to pull a buck into a fight....easier just to find another doe. Cover scents, I do like the fresh earth scent wafers, but depending on the area I'll also use the cedar ones. Coon urine works pretty well too, and if you are hunting near a farm....manure works great!!! If you are going to use deer urine I like to use the drag lines (make sure when walking to hold it off your own trail, may not make a difference but I don't like putting scent right on my own footsteps, just ups the odds of getting smelled) There are several kinds out there, I like the fresh frozen kind but have had deer walk right by it, so just buy one and give it a try.

Don't let all the stuff overwhelm you, just give it a try and have fun!

Good Luck!!
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I concentrate more on eliminating my scent with Dead Down Wind products.

I use Doe in Heat (havn't decided on a brand yet) during the rut to try and bring them in and get them to stop in a good spot.

I tried Black Widow Deer Lure last year on advice from my pro shop. Can't say I noticed anything special.

I grunt every now and then. I will grunt to get a deer to stop...

I "growled" with the Primos call last year at an 8 point chassin a doe and he stopped, looked at me and left the doe and went back into the thicket.

I think he knew there was a big buck in the area and wanted nothin to do with him.
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