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Default Elk

Going to Idaho Panhandle for 08 bow season.
Going to be there opening day.
Any sugestions would be GREATLY appreciated. First Elk Hunt!!!!!
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Well I have never hunted in Idaho, so it can be totally different, but I hunt lots of elk here in NM and in NM the 1st week of Sept. is not the best, now don't get me wrong it can be good, but most years it's not, that 1st week the elk are just starting into the rut, so the bulls are not bulging as much and are not as active, as they would be a week or two later when the rut is at it's peak.

So, yes it can be harder to find elk the first week and it's not because the elk are not there, it's just that they're still being quiet, now the small bulls will being bugling more then the older bulls, and it can be easier to call bulls in because this is when they are starting to getting their herms together, so once you get into elk it can be very good hunting.

Now like I said all this info is basted on elk in NM, it can be the same for Idaho or it can be very different.

It would be good if you could get on Google Earth and look up your hunting area it gives you a good idea of what the area looks like, you can find roads, flats, watering holes, ridge's, draws, camping spots, and all kinds of useful info.

One thing that you should do is start using your cow elk calls, you want to get to were you don't even have to think about it, you just bite and blow, you want it to be second nature, because when you have a bull coming in you will not be thinking about how to call, you will be thinking more about getting a good shot off.

Get more then 1 or 2 cow calls, in my hunting vest I have 4 Primos mouth reed calls, a Hyper Lip double and single, a hoochie Mama, a Hyper hot, a small H&S single reed call which I don't remember the name, and for a bugle I use a Primos Bull Horn, they all work well, and by having several calls I can use different calls at different times. Remember if you are using a call and call in a bull and that bull smells you or he busts you really bad, he is not likely at all to come to that call again.

Anyway that's some info for you I hope it helped, if you have any more question's feel free to send me an PM.

Oh and how is the weather in OH? used to live in OH, and still have a lot of family there.
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Thanks for the INFO!!!!! This is Great Info. Ive' accumulated 7 calls myself, so I know how that goes.
Thanks for all the help. We need all we can get!!! You are right about Google Earth. It WORKS!!!
Weather here is HOT and Humid!!
Just got back from a fishing/scouting trip. St Joe NF Looks Good. Any other insite? Any thing else will be apperaceated
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I hunt in the Bitterroot National Forest and other areas of Western and Central Montana. They find hunters there every spring during the thaw. Don't go in without a compass and/or GPS. I don't care if you have a guide. You get lost in there your guide will be nearly useless and as scared as you are. It's amazing how much things change as the shadows move. I keep a compass pinned to my orange vest when I go so that when I walk I can glance down and make sure I know which direction I'm traveling. Compass, compass, compass. I went in 300 yards once and came out 1/2 mile down the logging road completely unnerved. That was my lesson. You don't want yours. That is some of the most vast wilderness in the lower 48 states up there.
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