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I am a spot n stalk hunter, so manny hip, sling or back quivers will not work in the sagebrush and rocky areas I hunt So I have a quiver mounted on my bow but when I don't, I like to take my cat quiver VI. fanny pack and CQ I attached. unlike all the catquivers this one will not rise up when you sit on the ground or ride a ATV it is mounted at an angle and adjustable up and down and can be attached to the left or right.
Well made and thought out realy well.
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I Use A Fuse Quiver And Have 2 Mounting Brackets. One Attached To My Bow And The Other Attached To My Backpack. That Way When Hunting Around Home I Can Use Quiver Attached To Bow Until I Get In Stand And When On A Pack Type Trip I Can Keep It Attached To Pack. Works Great For Me. In The End Its All Preference.
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I have an Alpine Soft Loc quiver on my bow for hunting. It goes on and off very quietly and I can get a screw on attachment to hang it on the tree if I wanted to.

For 3D, I use a belt quiver. I forget what brand it is.
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