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Originally Posted by Redeye View Post
Tree rats are tons of fun. I used to have to walk on the other side of the tree from my dad (God bless his soul) which pushed the squirrel to his side where, ka-blam! I'd save the tails. Squirrels are where I was first indoctrinated into field dressing game.

I took my kids out last year. Funny thing! My 5-year old son saw no squirrels but lots of moose, tigers, and leopards. Keep in mind we live in southern WI. Good memories.
Thats funny! Its great the imagination kids have when they are little.
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Originally Posted by Va Hunter View Post
I know a guy who used to get extremely P***ED at us boys for head shooting them. He wanted the heads to add in with his Dumplings.
I remember my Great grand dad eating squirrel brains and scrambled eggs.Always thought it was quit nasty myself.But I do love to squirrel hunt,and it is a blast with a good squirrel dog.
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I love to kill those little tasty rats!

fry in cast iron skillet, use remaining grease to make gravy, make bisquits. best breakfast ever!
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