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Default Bears with a shotgun

I am going bear hunting and have taken 3 with the bow and would like to take one with a shotgun. Would a regular sabbot slug do the trick or do i need a special slug or is a shotgun not powerful enough. I will be using a 12 guage pump.
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I carry a 12 guage shotgun for back up bear hunting and have also hunted bears with one.There is alot of stoping power in a slug.I use 2 3/4 inch slugs most of the time,what I do is put in 2 slugs and then my 3 shell is 10 pel shot.The 3rd is just if he happens to charge and he's to close to aim.

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Yep, I used my 12 ga Marlin with a Remington Copper Solid on the last 2 bears. Same thing I use for deer. Both were down within 15 yards.
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I would think a 12 ga sabot would have more than enough power. Just remember shot placement is just as important as power. I've also taken a couple with a bow, but never a shotgun. I'm thinking my smokepole might be the next weapon of choice. Good Luck!
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A slug from a 20ga, gives about the same results as a BP rifle. I know folks that're using the 20 instead of 12s because of recoil with the same or better results.
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Shotgun will stop them just as fast as an highpower rifle. More them enough power in them, 12 or 20 gauge is good enough. I can't never comment on how well they work as I'm not an Bear hunter never took the time as I'd rather spend my time hunting Whitetails or Moose as the bear season runs right along side both of them. Actually it starts just afew weeks ahead of bow season for deer here but I don't like to disturb my whitetail hunting area.

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