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Seriously.......I have seen(BIGFOOT). All joking aside. When i was 15 years old I was walking (near dark) I could hear something following behind me, every step I took, it would take a step. The hair on the back of my neck was standing straight-up. Now I am very very scared, I did not know what could be following me. I was in the middle of nowhere, no weapon and alone! The more I walked the closer it got. I could tell it was big whatever it was, I had no place to hide.
Now it is nearly dark, so I grab for my flashlight....but it is not there. Now I was trembling with fear, the thing was getting closer and closer, now only 20 yards from me. When all at once it made a awful mouning sound. I about jumped right out of my shoes. So I started running as fast as I could, back home. But it was closing in on me. Then all at once I fell over a log, and twisted my knee. Laying there in pain and in fear....the thing was 2 yards from me standing behind a small tree. I could see a huge creature staring into my eyes. I was trembling, not able to move fearing for my life!!!! then........
......it made a awful sound and charged me, I braced myself fore the worse.I thought that this was the end!!!!! It grabed me and threw me like a rag doll...I tried to get up but my leg would not work, then it charged again.. I could smell a real ripe odor coming from the creature.....then all at once I realized that the creature was acually my hairy, stinky brother......lol
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You....lol....you really had me going!
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Originally Posted by daking1970 View Post
I would do my dead level best to take him down. The only problem after that would be the age old question. What kind of wine would you serve with bigfoot? Red or White?
Bigfoot, the "other" red meat.
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I would have to take the fellow considering he ate my pet rabbit when I was a little girl!
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The real question should be

Would I get a rug or a lifesize mount???????

How would you score it????
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I've heard they taste like chicken.
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