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Thanks for the advice, I'll start practicing.

Originally Posted by MJewell View Post
Lots of moose up that way, The farer North you go the more there are. As for Bowhunting for Moose, which I have been doing for the last couple of years here in Ontario. Your Bow must be at least 48.5lbs draw weight and 0.87 of an inch wide broadhead with at least two sharp cutting edges.

The way I understand hunting moose up that way is totally different then the way we hunt in the area that I hunt. Up that way you tend to hunt alot from boats(Spot and Stalk) or in clear cuts(Calling). One of my main suggestions to you would be, to over the next few months learn to call moose as it isn't really that hard. Bulls will come along way when they hear a call in a short amount of time. Bulls will start the rut around the last week of September and will continue in to the beginning of October.

But never rule out calling as I have had them answer me and start to come as the beginning of September and as late as the third week of October.

Nothing gets the heart pumping faster then a bull moose at 20 yards grunting back at you with snot running down his nose.

Here is a link to the MNR website;

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