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I think the thermacell really doesnt chase the big bears off. JMO
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I agree with bullmose almost all the hunters used them and if they didn't they just were not seeing many skiters to actually have to turn one on.
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i brought mine with me, but had no real reason to turn it on...there just wasnt the numbers of skeeters around this spring.
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Originally Posted by nhbowhunter21 View Post
I love the Thermacell. But, like you said, that click when you start it up and shut it down sure does seem like it resonates for 20 miles in the quiet forest.

I think that I would rather risk using it than suffer through a swarm of black flies and mosquitos.
umm... seconded! we've used therma cells for a while now and truthfully, i couldnt even sit without one. the first time we had them was in manitoba and i sat with my dad (bear2) the first night. all the bugs were gone and then on the second night i sat with my mom (bear1) and she didnt think we would need it.... that was the first time i was tempted to push my mom out of a tree no jkn. but we couldnt stand it. n i sat with my dad in ontario and he shot a nice bear like 400# i think. idk i cant remember exactly.

but i dont think it makes a difference. and one may think that they would come in if they smelt it just out of curiousity but w/e
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I use Thermacell and like the results
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I hunted for spring bears in Maine two years ago and the bugs were terrible. The only hunters in camp that got bears all were using thermacells, the hunters without the units came in all ate up and were complaining about all the bugs and no bears. Its hard sitting still when your getting chewed on, and bug suits are not as effective as the thermacells. imho.
My father and I both had thermacells and both killed bear. My father even watched the boar he killed mount and breed a sow just before he shot, all while the thermacell was keeping the bugs off him.
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