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Default Tip and Tricks

  1. Have several glow sticks in your pack
  2. They dont need batteries
  3. Use them as a signal light if you are injured
  4. They make a great reference point when you are blood trailing in the dark
  5. Hang them in a tree above your animal when you leave to get a deer dolly or help

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My tip of the week is: If your bow string starts to hit your sleeve specially wearing the bulky coats for winter weather hunts, take a pair of brown nylon stalking and cut the foot section off and the top part if they are panty hosery so you have two open ends, it will then slide over your arm. This will compress your coat sleeve or any full arm sleeve so the bow string will clear your arm and keep your shot on target. Most nylon panty hosery is fairly transparent and shows the camo pattern through it and retains some camo for the hunter.
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Practice with all of your gear on. Face mask, gloves, jacket, etc. This will help when the actual hunting shot comes.

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Practice shooting out of a ground blind before you hunt.
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yea so you don't hit a rod like I did and end up missing a bird thats only 5yds away!
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Originally Posted by bullmoose38 View Post
When waxing your bowstring use a piece of leather to work the wax into the strings fibers. Works great and adds life to your string.
Wax build up on your string slows your arrows down. I was about every other time I shoot but then I take dental floss, wrap it around the string (or buss cable) and run it down the string to remove an excess wax. I also rub a little into my D-Loop.

Goat tuff glue is better that Fletch Tite...remember that. No one likes to see a vane peeling off 2 days after shooting.

Also, after peeling off old vanes (I use a pocket knife), I use fine grit sandpaper, then wash with warm soapy water before re-fletching. Many times if I have time, I put a single drop of my goat-tuff glue at the front of the vane to ensure that vulnerable joint is protected (although it's not necessary it's good as a precautionary measure).
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I always carry a butane lighter, a couple of paper towels or moist towlettes(baby wipes) and some toilet paper sealed in 2 zip lock bags.I usually include a pair of latex gloves or some of those yellow Playtex ones.

Ya just never know what may strike ya while in the field. If ya gotta trail a deer and the blood gets kinda spotty, you can use the TP to mark the last spot of blood. If ya gotta go...well, ya'lls old enough to understand that part. The gloves are to be used to keep blood and stuff off ya while field dressing. Roll them right off your hands and they'll turn inside out, containing all the goo. Wipe off any extra with the towels. All the used stuff goes right back in one of the bags and is sealed and returned to your pack for later disposal. Thougth I've never had to do it, one of these days I might have to spend the night in the woods. Gets kinda cold around here, sometime. The lighter can get your fire started quicker and easier than matches.
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i have one i have used for yrs .. i take a bag of potatoe chip ... (any brand any flavor) crush then up and keep them in your pack..the oil in them makes a good fire starter .. you can eat them if lost.. if you get a squeaky sling or any other part .. oil works there too..
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I heard one the other day.

If your going somewhere remote and might need an emergency fire. Put some Vaseline covered cotton balls in an old 35mm film container.

I havn'et tried it but they say the Vaseline burns real slow and lights real easy.

Good for getting stubborn damp twigs to light.
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On the line of 35mm film containers they work great for holding a spare broadhead. just drill a hole in the cap for the threads to go through.

Another I like to do is if you are fletching with a bitz or jojan fletcher, coat the blade edge and inside the clamp with a unscented oil (hoppies makes some), works great. glues will not stick cleans up easy if you swich to feathers
*****not recomended for feathers******

Another tip you dont want to learn this one as I have. Change out your rangefinder batt before season opens.

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