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Default TRUGLO PWR-DOT Red Dot Sight?

Hello everyone,
Reciently I saw that Truglo has come out with a small red dot scope for bows, I can't find information any where except on their web page and a couple of articles small tidbits that just mention it to be new for 2008.

Can anyone tell me if this red dot is designed to be used with a peep or if it's just center the dot and release type of sight. I have pretty poor vision at dusk and last year I used a red dot system and loved it but it weighed a ton. The Truglo looks very compact and of course its of great quality too.

I am quite new to archery bear hunting ive been at it less than a year but I have been luckey enough to have taken three so far. I would have to say for me, the red dot was really an awsome tool to use on a large target in dim light and when those shoulder lines start to vanish. Id hate to say it on the forum but sometimes it is a guessing game through my peep and of course I do not want that and wouldn't ever take the shot.
At least for me it's a bit different than hunting deer, it's darker and harder to identify a "spot" to pick out and shoot for. Last fall in MN I used a red dot and with both eyes open , point and shoot I found it to a great method for my dim light problem.

I'd really like to know more on this PWR-DOT Red Dot.. I've swapped bows and bought a Hoyt and I am using traditional sights and a peep.
Honestly it was a really challenge in New Brunswick this spring with the foliage and the late movers I was hunting. I've shot these traditional sights and peeps for 20 years but now im just having trouble in the dim light.
if anybody knows anything about the PWR-DOT , Please let me know

Thanks so much, and Please give me your suggestions.

Dan.... Bearaddict
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