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Old 06-12-2008, 09:43 PM
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Default Breaking in My New Whisper Creek Stealth LX Bow

Got my new Whisper Creek Stealth LX rig in the post (from Hunter's Friend in KY, super outfit. I like to buy local but the local pro shop has limited selection and pretty spendy). Observations:

1. The bow is teeny-tiny. Looks like a youth bow. Does not shoot like a youth bow. Pretty speedy, just under 300 fps with my current arrow weight, bow at 65# at 29.5". Great fit and finish. Whisper Creek is an American company but manufactures in China. Not wild about the Chinese manufacture but you'd never know it by shooting the thing.

2. I can see the pins better on the Razor sight with the light on, but if I'm honest with myself it's still a bit of a challenge. Thinking about swapping out for TruGlo's single pin sight.

3. I am a terrible, terrible shot. Couldn't connect from 20 yards. Shot a one inch group from 10 yards, last flyer spread it to 2". (Shooting the Rinhart 18-1 target). The bow tech at Hunters Friend shot some killer groups. This bow can do it alright, this is user error. I need a lot of practice, especially given that I am right handed but left-eye dominant. No open-eyes shooting for me.

4. I need to brush hog, bad. Lost an arrow in the thick stuff. Glad I bought an even dozen. Maybe I'll find it tomorrow. Black shaft, black and purple fletching, not real eye-catching. I should have bought some Zebra arrows from the Nuge.

5. I will not get discouraged (though I'm feeling a bit of the sort). I expected better shooting on my first go round. I am a dang good rifle and pistol shot, but this is a whole new world.
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