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Default Wow!!

This is... well... this is just cool.

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Wow is right,I saw a show on wild tv what a blind guy went bear hunting.He sat in the stand the the guide was right behind him give him instructions on were to shoot.Would you beleive it he droped the bear.

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That was absolutely amazing. Probably shot a better arrow than I could have.
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Where there is a will there is a way! That guy has some powerful will to do all that and getter done. WOW!
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That is cool. I have seen a guy missing one of his arms that shot that way. He actually got up in a treestand and shot a deer on the video I was watching. You know that guy could have takin the easy way out and used a gun, it would have been easier for him. He shot a bear with archery equipment from a wheel chair, using one arm and his teeth while other people are probably sitting at home complaining about something not worth even discussing.
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