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Default Ticked Off

Have To Vent, Why Not Here!!!

Well I Took My Kid Out Sat The 19th We Had Birds Coming To Us At Around 715, Then They Just Stopped Talking, We Got Up And Moved A Little Closer And While We Were Sitting Up Her Comes This Amish Man Just Stolling Through The Woods No Gun, And No Jr Hunter. He Had To Here The Bird Gobbling Their Heads Off At Us.

We Had 3/4 Jakes And A One Tom Coming In When They Just Quit Talking. I Was A Little P!$$ed Off. I Could See If He Was Hunting With A Junior Hunter And We Were After The Same Birds But He Wasn't Even Hunting. I Think He Didn't Want Us To Get Anything / He Wanted The Birds For Himself Next Wkend, When The Regular Season Comes In!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Cool

On The Other Hand Cj Had A Blast Hearing The Tom / Jakes Go Off!!!!!!
Cj Was All Fired Up!!!!!!!!!!! So Was Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had To Vent Some!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm at Fulldraw waiting for the SHOT!!!!????

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That's pretty lousy.

I've heard, from more than one person, that we have some guys here, Mennonite, who take more than their one buck per year, limit. I don't know why they don't report them.
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Or it could just be that he was out for a walk...or doing some scouting. That's not illegal ya know...
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"I suppose it's the way of hunters. We are very odd fellows." ~ Peter Hathaway Capstick
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That's Amish. My area is getting pretty built up with them and while I have nothing against them, they just don't play by the rules.
I too had an Amish "Walk" in the woods while trying to harvest a Tom during youth season.
We set up next to his property, on land that we had premission on. The toms and hens were feeding out in a field and we started calling and they were coming, but slowly and went down into a dip and would soon top the hill into shooting range. So my dad belly crawled out a little ways and placed a decoy. Just as he returned, I see the birds Running away! I thought they seen him place the decoy. Nope. As we were thinking of what to do an Amish man walked to us and said he heard us calling and thought he'd come back to see if it was someone he knew. As we talked he said he and some of his family plan to hunt those Toms come Monday morning.

They do hunt all year long, but unless you set up and watch them 24/7 you won't catch them.
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thats just wrong
Happy Huntin' to all
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No Amish here. Just your average tresspassing poachers. Funny thing down here is that many times they're too stupid to realize they're checking out a feeder (whether they're fixin to illegally hunt and walk in front of a game camera. I've seen a fair share of those pics and knuckleheaded neighbors of different ranches get cuffed up. It's downright entertaining.
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i hate how people do that now a days. does anyone have any morals!?! well yes i know many people that do its just greedy people that spend so much time trying to screw up other ppls hunt instead of doing it the hard- but fun- way of finding your own birds.
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I've had run ins with other locals on public land. Where I'd have birds coming across an open field not far from the road but still legal. An they would stop their truck an scare the birds away. So now every time I see his vehicle I make sure to blast the horn espically if I can see where he is set up. He still hasn't figured out that it is me because I recently got a new truck.
What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

As for the Amish we are starting to see quite afew to the South of us now and I know that they were charge a few years ago for poaching both turkey and deer out of season and over limits.

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