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Default Finally!!

OK so over a month ago I started this thread.

Several times I tried what you all suggested, took the bow to BassPro, changed shafts, on and on and on....

Well earlier last week, I decided to call Bowtech. I was at my last bit of patience and resolved to sell the &*%@ bow if it didn't get fixed this time. So I called Bowtech... too early in the day. Just my luck. I decided to plead my case via email. Not more than 15 minutes after they opened on Monday, my email was forwarded to the manager of customer service and a reply was in my in-box. John was quite ready to dive in and get his hands dirty with me.

I decided to call instead of sending an email reply, mainly because its difficult to send an email from my phone while driving, even in the bumper to bumper traffic all the way home. I called, asked for John, and prepared for voice mail. Not the case. He answered. Shocked I identified myself, and he remembered me right away. We talked about all the things I've tried, all the solutions examined, and he recommended I change rests completely.

I have to admit that I was more than skeptical when he said that, but the more I listened to his reasoning, I agreed. Heck by this point I'd done everything else but that! What could it hurt?

Cheri and I managed to squeeze $85.00 from the budget as a "just in case fund" and I got on the horn with Basspro dropping a gentle ultimatum. Jason, a rep we met 2 weeks prior, answered and cleared his schedule, so to speak.

We got to Basspro and I was somewhere betweem nervous and neurotic. Jason finished up with a customer, and grabbed the case from my hands. 40 minutes later, after shooting every shaft in my case and swapping out rests, and another rep getting into the mix, my bow was as good as new.

We shot at 20 and 30 yard with a bullseye every time. Yesterday, Cale and I went to a range with a 65 yard haystack set up. BULLSEYE!!!

In short...

thanks to all for the help and assistance, thanks to Bowtech for making my problem theirs... and thanks to the guys at BassPro for the hard work and persistence!

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