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Default Fall turkey hunting?

Anyone do it? I havent for a few years now. But when you break up a flock it can be alot of fun!
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I'm usually too busy chasing after whitetails...but if a weary one walks my way
You call it learning... I call it LIFE.
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We don't have a fall season in Georgia, and I can't afford going out of state right now. Maybe soon, though.
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We only have a fall archery season, but I will certainly be giving it a try.
As I would love to tag a turkey with my HOYT!
Lisa Metheny
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I wouldn't mind giving it a shot but my County doesn't allow it right yet.
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i'll go for one during archery if i draw a permit...
Happy Huntin' to all
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I've chased them around off and on. I killed my first one years ago while squirrel hunting. I was there, they was there, I took one went home for dinner!
We can take a turkey or 2 in the fall with bow or whatever. A bunch get checked in during bow season. I know of one guy that only hunts them in the fall. He owns a couple of turkey dogs and is pretty successful. I've had one or two invites but have been devoting most of my off time to hanging about in trees stands. Maybe next year !?

Va Hunter
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

Proud Parent of a Marine
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