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thanks ladybowhunter, you have given me the confidence I needed to get the job done, thanks again to all who answered this question.
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Best to check local state fish and game laws first. Here in Ontario 39.6lbs is min for Deer and Turkeys. An 48.6lbs for Bear and Moose I believe it is. 40 pounds is al kinds to kill a deer with the proper shot placement. AS for the Muzzy 3 blades that is all I use ever since I started to bowhunt back in the Fall 2004 Have havested two buck during that time which both dropped within sight of the treestand. An this spring I harvested my first archery turkey with the Muzzy also. Most likely will never change from the muzzy as I'm a believer "Why change something if it isn't broken". The Muzzy will get the job done for you I'm sure of that.

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Your welcome, John. I can't stress enough about practicing. Practice every chance you can. From different places, meaning, set up a tree stand in your yard and have someone or yourself move your target to different yardages and angles. Practice shooting sitting down and standing. Go someplace with 3D targets and get a feel for different animals. Practice holding at full draw for as long as you can. Most all shot opportunities in the woods are not going to be at all like shooting at a target. Getting into summer, but if you can shoot when (or somewhere) it's cold and it makes you shiver, you'll get some experience with what the adreniline will do to you when you see a deer closing the gap.
Key----practice, practice, practice and get the bow tuned just before the season starts for you. (Wax your strings too!!!)
Get outdoors and discover the world around you!!!!!
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