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Cool More Pork Chops down at the 4D!

Went down to Nate's place (4D Outfitters) to do a management hunt with him and Randy (Preacher). I had a great time as usual. We were videoing for a management hunt/educational type of DVD. We were up in the stand about 5:15 PM. Hogs came in from behind my left. We heard them coming towards the feeder and Randy powered up the camera. Just as they were about to come into the opening I drew thinking it was going to be very quick. Out they trickled, a little red one (there's a lot of reds and piebalds at Nates). A little red 50 pounder another red 50 pounder, a handful of 60 - 100 pound piebalds. About a 150 pound piebald, a bunch of 30 pounders and a a handful that appeared to be 150 pounds and up. I told Randy, "I'm gonna take the red one on the left." He said "okay", but the red wouldn't give me a shot. So, I said "I'm gonna take the piebald". As soon as I said that she turned and wouldn't give me a shot (Remember I'm still at full draw). Another little red spotted boar came around the right. I whispered, "I'm gonna' take that red one on the right," but Randy didn't hear, he held on the piebald. I whispered, "Are you on him?" He replied, "Yeah." Just as I was pulling the trigger of my release he was zooming in on the piebald (He had just had the red one that I was gonna' thump in the view finder of the camera. THWAACK! A half a second after getting the red one out of the picture I had shot. Randy hurried back over to the red one only to find my blood soaked arrow stuck in the ground. He had missed the shot. Would have been cooler to have the impact on the video but he just didn't hear me switch to the red one. I think Randy kind of felt bad but it was my fault...and I didn't feel too bad. Heck I got a great meat hog on the ground! Plus, hopefully, we'll get to try it again.. Whenever we finish putting together the videos I think it will be pretty awesome. I think the editing will take longer than getting the kills on tape.

Nate and Randy each drilled a little meat hog too! We had 3 down in less than an hour with bows, and on film. We saw many that were WELL OVER 200 lbs, even 250 lbs+. But, cooler heads prevailed. After all, we were management hunting. To steal Nate's favorite saying, "The little ones are more fun to hunt than the trophies!...not really." It was a blessed time I got to spend with a couple of good friends.

Thanks Nate and Randy. Good friends both of you. Talked to Rick and Cheri on the phone on the way back home. I think they were jealous because I only had a short drive home and some pork chops and breakfast sausage in the cooler.

Here is the little bundle or morsels

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