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Default Personal Fish Finder

So Christmas time, my in-laws went crazy and got me a Humminbird Fish Finder that straps to my rod. It has this green thing that looks kinda like a submarine that sends the signal down, receives it back, then relays the information to the LCD display on the rod. Kinda cool!

The submarine thing can be used as a bobber, if one was so inclined, so I thought I'd try it out today. The silly looking thing worked! I was kinda shocked. It read the depth and water temp fairly accurately, and every once in a while, it registered a fish toolin' around down there. Whether or not there was a fish there I couldn't say because literally nothing was biting today. We were fishing in about 10 to 15 feet of water, and the temperature rose 10 degrees in an hour, so I think they all went deep early. We didn't drag the belly boats out yet, so we were stuck on the shore line.

The lake we went to is a local, man-made, reservior called Quincy. for those who are interested/curious:


It's not much to my liking, but it did give us a chance to knock some rust off, and I got to play a bit with the new toy.

I can't see using it too often, unless I use it on another pole, because the dang submarine thing weighs a ton when it's on the end of my light rig. Also it makes a Gawd Awful splash when it hits the surface, and would most likely scare the be-jeezus out of anything I'm after anyway. But... its a cool toy none the less. Danged expensive though. We found one with a wrist-watch type diplay, rather than the pole-mount type I have, for $89.99. Same green bomber though.

Anyway, thought I'd share the new gadget and see what people thought. Do you have one? Would you use it? My jury is still out.
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