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Default Finished here in Ontario

Well the season started good for my buddy who harvested an nice 18lb gobbler 10 minutes into the season. Never had a chance at a bird myself till last Monday when I was able to harvest a big tom that had been hanging around my dad's farm for a couple of years. Shot him with my Remington 12ga at around 20 yards. With both of our first tags filled we decided to switch to using our bows to try and fill our second tags. Well Monday I hunted by myself and had four optiunities to come to full draw on birds the first was on a Jake and the second through forth was on two different mature toms but each time there was just too much brush to shoot thur for my liking. On Tuesday decided to head up to my hunting partners area that was just opened to turkey hunting this year for the first time. Didn't get there till after daylight and my buddy had already been out and had an close encounter with three mature gobblers at the same time. Once he picked me up we headed back out there to try for them once again. When we arrived there we could hear them gobbling on the far side of the property so we setup where we thought they would go but they didn't and we had to move to get back onto them. Once we were relocated we hadn't been in the blind more then 5 minutes when in walks and mature tom to about 40 yards and starts to display, he soon closed the distance to about 15 yards and I gave my buddy first shot as it had been him that had got the permission there. He past because he was shaking so bad. I soon was at full draw with my 20 yards pin settled on his vitals. That shot flew high but my buddy had regain his composure an soon let one fly, it also when over his back. We soon realized that while we were shooting through the shoot through mesh our arrows were flying high at our yardages and we were shooting slightly uphill. the tom soon entered another shooting lane for me and I tried to allow for everything but still when just over his back. The Tom made his way back into the hardwoods but wasn't finished with us yet. I layed down my bow and used my slate to bring him back out into shooting range once again. This time he was down hill from us and about 30 yards from us and I was down to my last arrow in the quiver. There was no missing this time I got him just alittle farer back then I wanted. He managed to get into the hardwoods on us but after some tracking and two more arrows at him he was finally mine. We learned alot on that first turkey hunt with the bows and things that we'll never forget.

Shotgun bird stats:
22lbs 10oz
1" 1/4 spurs
7" 1/2 beard

Bow bird stats:
20lbs 4oz
only one spur 1/2"
8" beard

Have no pics right now but will post them once I recieve them.

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Can't wait for the pics......congrats
Happy Huntin' to all
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Awesome Congrads!! Exciting story too!!
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Aways a challenge with a bow! Nicely done! Git them pics up!
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