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Default Found my new favorite blind setup.

We always like to hunt green fields to catch the birds strutting in. But this year we saw how the birds were hanging in freshly planted fields. So we decided to give them a try. Boy its like a magnet the birds just like to pick in the fields. i dont know if its the planted seed, bugs or what. But they definitely love it! So if any of you guys are hunting where there is freshly plowed fields give it a try.
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We have plenty of freshly plowed fields around here, haven't seen not a one turkey in them yet. Their all staying in the lush green fields! I'll tell you what was really pretty was on Sunday when we were hunting we had a bird come gobbling across a green field. Well he stayed well out of gun range but he got on top of a hill in the field and was a black fanning silloutte against a blue sky filled with white clouds! Would have been a beautiful photo but I didn't have my camera out.
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Know that i think about it, we have chickens and they just love it when we till the garden even if there are no seeds they love getting in there and messing around, and chickens are a lot like turkeys so it all makes since
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