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Originally Posted by WI-DOE-MAKER View Post
Yup did it once while using a customers release in the Archery Shop I owned and operated...the knucklehead had lightened the trigger and never tested it or told me about it........CRACK!!!!!!...sounded like a 22 magum going off!!! I nearly killed the idiot and I reamed him a new butt hole!!! I totally dissembled my bow and inspected every inch and componant....the bow was fine thankfully but I'll never forget the sound as I heard it many times in our tuning booth when customers drew their bows with no arrow on the string...a huge NO-NO!!! I yelled at more guys for that crap than anything else...Ah the fond memories of a former Bow Shop owner LOL!!!! Wi-Doe

Uhhh.....where'd you find the little goodies in your avatar? *smack...slurp*
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