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Default Best Bear Videos of All time...I.M.O.

Everyone has got their favorites...here is a short list of mine. Dont ask me why...but I simply love bear hunting...I cannot get enough of it...you probably feel the same way or you wouldnt be looking at this!

1. Master of the Black Bears...the story of Les Nelson...the original owner of Duck Mountain Outfitters. Far and above better than any other video I know of...Les was an incredible outfitter! The guy is a legend. More usable info than any other single bear video.

2. Bear 'n down 5....I know...bear n down 6 was excellent. Dont ask me why...I just love this video. The constant banter between Ralph and Vicki make this a great ride. Ralphs missing an opportunity at an incredible blonde opens this video....the best of all the bear n downs...I.M.O.

3. Bear Action III....Glenn Berry does an outstanding Job on this video. Also, his son Chad takes the largest Black I have ever seen....simply unbelievable video. You need to get it just to see this bear. The bear easily is in the 6-700 lbs range 21'+ skull. The hunt is on POW island.

Honourable mention:

Hunting Alaskas giants

Jim Shockeys "monster cave bears"

Dan Hungles DVD's for Trophy Book Outfitters
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