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Default Amazing!

I went out scouting for birds on Saturday morning. At the first property, I didn't hear or see any, but the sign was there. It wasn't this winter when I walked it, so they're moving back into the spring activity areas.

As I drove into the next property, I thought I saw a flock of geese out along the woodline as I passed through the farm buildings. It's several hundred yards and I could just catch glimpses of "something" out there.

As I passed into the wide open, a huge, flock of turkeys came into view, basically 3 large, loosely congregated flocks were all in this 20 acre field together. The most amazing thing was the number of birds in full strut! They were everywhere!

As the birds are used to farm equipment, I was eventually able to get within about 200 yards of them with my truck. Using my binoculars, I was able to count 13 birds strutting (some with the tell-TAIL () fan of a jake) and an additional 5 long beards feeding or chasing hens or jakes making 18 male birds in the flock!

I've never seen so many "toms" in one place in my life!

Best of all, I got it on video! I didn't have my still camera with me (and at that range, it still would've been pretty useless) so I'll have to see if I can do some video captures to post.

There were several VERY nice long beards in the flock, hopefully, at least one of my 2 tags can find it's way to being tied to one of their legs 3 weeks from now!
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Sounds Awesome! Where You from again?
Found myself a hot spot the other day too. 4-5 Long beads strutted in at 40-50 yards away, never even knew we were standing behind a tree and watching them. It was Amazing!
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sounds like fun!!!! i can't wait!!!!!!!! gobble gobble!!!
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Awesome sight indeed. Have seen that a time or two before up here, and come opening day can't buy a turkey(except for jakes).

Good luck in the upcoming season.

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