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Originally Posted by timba View Post
If your looking for a good taxidermist my hunting partner as a shop in llyodminster,he does all my work.He might be cheaper then orion tax.I looked at getting my lynx done there a few years ago and it was way to much for me.

good luck,I'll be out that week to hunt bears north of llyod.

Actually I am going with a local taxidermist that has mounted my deer in the past. He is going to meet me after we land and get the hide prepared. I figured that I am going to save at least $500-$700 in shipping fees alone. The price of the actual bear mount does not bother me as long as I am getting quality. I would rather pay more and wait longer than the try to go the cheap route if you know what I mean. This was I can stop by the shop and check progess on the mount from time to time.

Here is my Taxidermist website:

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