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can you kill a hog with a shotgun? what would you use? buckshot? slugs?
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I have heard of slugs being use before.

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Yes you can. I know a number of people who have. You have to be at very close range (bow range - say 20 yards or so) to use a buckshot. But, I would use #2-4 high velocity steel if I were going to do it with a full or extra full choke. Of course the best would be with a slug if using a shotgun. Of course, rifle, bow, crossbow, and muzzleloader would be my choice before taking a shotgun. Again, make sure you're close and are using a full or extra full choke...and be able to get out of the way, but it can definately be done. Shoot right at the back crease of the shoulder (I think that would be best for a shotgun using shot (even better if it's quarterd away a little so you can get behind/through that armored plate easier.
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