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Default Favorite trapping target animal

What's your favorite animal to target while trapping?

For me, I LOVE to see a k9 dancing in the trap.

There's something about a coon though, it's like the true essence of trapping. I mean, how many people DIDN'T start out trapping coons?!
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me. started out on muskrats. then went to mink and fox. coons were an extra around where I trap.
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Started out on beaver and went from there. Still catch afew beaver but also catch alot of mink at my work. Best year I had was the first year I had my own license.

13 Beaver
13 Muskrats
18 Mink
7 Otter
4 Coyotes

Most of the otters were caught in beaver sets near dams or at houses that I'd already cleaned out. All of my k9's are snared as it is legal where I have my second license.

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beaver, beaver, beaver. We have a huge beaver problem on our property. It's the back end of a watershed lake and the dang beavers flood it so bad that it messes up the deer movement. I used to trap for anything, but now it's just for damage control
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I enjoy trapping coon. I do want to get more serious sometime and try to catch a coyote.
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Back in my younger years i used to trap just about anything catching fox and coyotes was probably the toughest seamed to do quite well with the skunks the one year i caught 28 that same year i caught 7 coyotes,16 fox, 9 coons,3 mink, 116 muskrats, a memorable time of my life.

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