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Question who decides?

who decides on where you guys are gonna hunt,what your gonna hunt .
also how decide on who's gonna hunt first? thanks
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Not speaking for R+V but usually when I go on a hunt if we are filming, if one of us hasn't harvested one of whatever we are hunting they hunt first. If we both have killed one, we usually flip a coin and usually switch every other day. As far as where we go I usually try to go after something different every year if possible....when funds allow.
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Regardless of who hunts first....we trade off during mid-day. If I hunt in the afternoon on Day 1, I will also hunt the morning of day 2....then switch.

The reason for this is simple.....If an animal is shot in the afternoon and we have to wait until morning to do a search/recovery, this won't screw up the other hunter.

This obviously won't work for bear hunting so we just take turns. It really just depends on the hunt.

ACZendal and I were partnered up in Anticosti last fall. It was originally a 4-day hunt but we lost a day due to a canceled flight. I hunted day one, he hunted day 2, I hunted the morning of day 3 and he hunted the afternoon.

About an hour into Z's hunt, he had an encounter. I then took over to hunt the last few hours since he had an opportunity.

I guess it just really boils down to the type of hunt, number of days, requirements for the trip, etc........or who is bigger and wins the thumb wrestling contest
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who decides?
Im sure Vicki is saying I DO!!!!

And Im sure Ralph is saying I DO............ ( when Vicki isnt around)
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Firediver & AC Tim hit it on the head! We decide which hunts we are going to be doing thruoughout the year and then start making the rest of the plans. Ralph likes to let me hunt first, but I figured him out a couple of years ago! He likes it so then he can find out what he needs to get to beat mine!!
We do trade out every afternoon when we both have tags, just like Fivediver said, it seems to work out great that way!!

Tanks!! Vicki
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WOW I thought my spelling was BAD!!!! Check out Vicki's and now you will know she is worse than me!!!!
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