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Default I played guide

This will be long so quit now if you're not wanting to read alot, lol.....
i don't think i'll ever be able to explain to myself , let alone anyone else, how much i cherish turkey huntin'.
It just seems like it can't get any better , it does.....first it was my first bird that my sister got me,then it was the first one i got on my own,then doubling with Fl., then calling one in for her ,getting a hunt on video with my friend.... hunting with friends met through the internet ,and all of the other milestones...good and bad...getting my swamp bird,easter bird, St. Patricks day bird(doubling with fl. again)...but i think God saved the best for last ,hunting with old friends...and i have only God to thank because without him, none of this would be possible....
When i was 18, i was introduced to this guy through my then fiance, now ex...he lives in Maryland....we were all close for years , then things happen and we went our seperate ways, talking occassionally......the one regret i have about the past was that we never hunted when we were all together. Walt and I didn't hunt and Steve just didn't think i would want to go , so he never asked and i had no clue what hunting really was back then, so i never asked.....well,we've have been trying to get our buddy to come down for a Osceola hunt, it's been a dream of his to get one, but he never did....finally this year , he came down....neither one of them have gotten osceolas.....Walt never really ever turkey hunted, but Steve is a turkey hunting fool....oh, the pressure i had on me, lol....haven't seen my friends in years and now i have to try to get them birds, what was i thinking....shaking head.

Friday's hunt......we all met , i heard my turkey hunting song on the way in, i was so happy, then while we were waiting to go in, Steve saw a shooting star...Fl. and I both saw shooting stars when we got our birds...it was looking good....got into the woods, set up....heard gobbling all around us...but we had to respect another hunter that was hunting there too, as soon as they flew down, they shut up....we went to another area, thought we'd be nice and get away from the other guy and even our chances some...went and made a blind,had a hen come by... Steve and i talked to her for awhile, then we went to another area, made another blind, sat there , nothing....we thought we knew where they'd be roosting ,so we made blinds for the next day(today)...we decided to sit in the last one made for the rest of the hunt...i was laying down, Walt was behind me, Steve was to my left...i gave a couple of yelps on the call and just waited, not even thinking we'd get a bird this late in the day....i thought i heard some crunching, i asked them if they heard it but both are half deaf and didn't hear me ask, so i assumed they didn't hear the crunching, lol...but then i thought i was hearing stuff, wishful thinking,or one of them figiting, so i laid still listening for more...it got louder and louder, i see Steve get his gun up, i thought he was looking through his scope to see if he can see what was coming in, he wasn't....bout that time i saw a gobblers head standing in front of him and i told him to shooooooooot, he did...his Osceola tag filled....so i scream YES!!!! forgetting poor Walt, Steve's screaming "Walt, theres more, shoot!"...."Casey Call!".....so i started calling, it didn't help, lol....He had one shot but it was over Steve's head, so he didn't take it.....well, i feel like a total DA for screaming .....i have never ever everrrrrrrr done that, shaking head....i usually always wait to see what excitement might come after the shot....i was so freaked out about screwing it up for Walt that i forgot to call after the shot....and i was guiding them, some guide huh....and to top it off, one of the ones that got away was up in a tree watching us the whole time, lol.....they got to see me after a shot, lol....puking and shaking,it doesn't matter who shoots, lol... it was great !!!Walt was great about it, he was so tickled that Steve got his bird, it didn't matter that i screwed his chances up....I was so happy i cried, i've only done that once in my life....matter of fact i have tears rolling down my face now as i type, lol....i'm such a girl, lol...this hunt, spending time with them, 2 of my oldest and dearest friends hunting my stomping grounds with me as their guide,having the experiences we had, it was great...a blessing without a doubt.

Sat. hunt:I asked God just for the opportunity to make it up to Walt for the day before, just to give him a chance ...y'all don't know how bad i really felt....we met , walked to where Steve had killed the bird, listened, gobbling all around us, but off a bit, there was this one bird, Steve and i both said"that bird is getting worked", he was Hot, then Boom, Boom.......we decided we'd go looking , we got to an area, looked real good, it wasn't,lol... but i did find a gobbler terd laying next to me while we were there, lol....so we ventured off to another area...we set up, Steve is asleep and Walt's head doing the bob, i was LMBO, Walt woke up, but Steve started snoring, so i had to break out the video, lol....i thought i was going to die from giggling so hard...after that i called some, and then i heard a gobble from in front of me, a ways off but he gobbled, then you see Steve wake up, i'm like did you hear that, he'e like "yeah" , lol...you know he's a true turkey hunter, sleeping like a baby one minute, hears a gobble and wakes up, lol....then we hear another one, this one was behind us...tried getting the him to come in, he's respond, but wasn't coming, so i told them , we have to go....we moved, thought it was close enough, but it wasn't, so we got closer,I laid down, Walt kneeled behind a palm and Steve was off to the side of me and Walt...the bird was coming in...there i am shaking from head to toe,uncontrolable shaking, my heart is racing, the closer he gets the more i shook, and don't ever think shaking is a bad thing, i did some of my best calling, lol....took like 40-50 minutes from the first gobble to the last...i heard spitting and drumming, i was dying, he was right there and then i saw him, 9-10 inch beard and then i saw his buddy, yep, 2 of them, right there, i told Walt "Shoot it", and i was waiting and waiting and waiting, lol..but he never did....Steve never saw them...turned out when they got close enough they knew something wasn't right, but they never putted, just turned around , he was waiting for them to come out from behind the tree , but they were gone....game over....he didn't feel comfortable with the shot, so he waited, which i give him so much credit for...In the end no bird...but i really don't think that mattered to him...i know it didn't....He got to see more in the 2 days of hunting with me and Steve then i did the first 3-4 years i hunted....Multiple birds gobbling every morning, saw all sorts of sign,he learned that birds come in silent, but it's much better when they come in a gobbling and strutting...and he got to see one of his(our) bestfriends dream come true ....it was like old times, but better, lol( i can send them both home to thier wives, lol).....
we finally hunted together and we couldnt of asked for a better 2 days of hunting...i never thought i would of had this weekend....so my prayers were answered and then some.I'm hoping we can have many more hunts together.....and i hope Walt got bit by the turkey bug.....
Steve's public land osceola
13.4 lbs
3/4 inch spurs
9 inch beard
a nice 2 year old.....
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Happy Huntin' to all

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Awesome story! You should open up your own guiding service!
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That's awesome that you could all get together again and especially for a hunt. I am sure a lot of good memories were made That's a great story and I think you made a great guide !
Kim R

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Nicely done Ma! Ya done good!
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