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Default Full strut decoy?

How many of you use a full strut decoy in your setup??? I was going to buy the Primos B-Mobile last year but a "turkey prostaffer" that was working the floor that day at Cabelas told me that eastern turkeys aren't aggressive enough to want to come in and fight another tom.

I took his advice.....but I see more and more footage of people using full strut decoys.
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Bullmoose and I used a mounted full strut jake in florida a week ago and the turkeys didn't want anything to do w/ it. 3 yr old longbeards wouldn't go near it, guess they weren't in the fighting mood. I also used the B-mobile in the midwest last year and didn't have one longbeard that would even come close to it! I pulled the decoy set in and called them in w/o anything.
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We rarely use decoys at all anymore. Seems we have much better luck getting the turkeys to come in by just calling. We do have a B-mobile we tried one season and it was just like any other decoy we have tried...the turkeys could definitely see it, but wouldn't come near it.
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Like youngbuck said last week in Florida they didnt care for it. I think it depends on the turkeys mood that day. I had my mounted jake work very well with easterns. We had jakes and older toms come into fight it. The best footage I got were from Easterns and Osceolas. Your a taxidermist why dont you mount one up for a decoy. If you buy one personally I like the prettyboy better then the b-mobile. I think its made a little better.
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I use a full strut decoy and have good luck on easterns. I think the Primos decoy would work well because its not as large a body as the pretty boy. I feel sometimes the body size of the decoy determines if one will come in to fight it. I use a feather flex tommy which is between the size of the other two. I also put a real fan on it from a jake my wife killed and, took the body to my taxidermist and had him airbrush it which I think really helped. I had several birds come in to it last year and plan on puting it to use again this year. I will say I have had 2 year old birds come to 80 yards and stand and gobble but, I think they were scared to come fight because of the body size the older 4&5 year olds did not think twice.
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Where I hunt in Missouri the birds won't even come close to a hen or hen & jake set BUT there are a lot of dominant birds there and they will run in to strutting decoy. My oldest daughter shot her first bird last year after he ran all the way across the field to the B-mobile.
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