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Default Portable target

I've been shooting inside at the range since buying my bow in December. I'm tired of paying $8 a week. It's getting nicer out and I'm ready to shoot outside. Any suggestions on a good, reliable portable target.
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For about 70 bucks you can get a Mckenzie shotblocker. I really like mine. You can shoot broadheads or field tips in it.
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I have The Block. Nice for field tips but falls short for broadheads. It tends to sliver within the first two or three shots with a broadhead. It is very portable. Gonna get a McKenzie next time.
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We have been plunking away on a few, but have yet to test broadheads. Keep in mind, we;re new at this, so this is just a newbies observation:

We have the Delta Deadstop bag. It comes with a rack and removable feet for the rack. Easy transport. It has 5 different circles on each side. 2 are larger on top than the three on the bottom. I've noticed that it does tend to fall over some. It's ok for a while, but I am seeing my shafts are starting blow through the other side by about 4 or 5 inches at 30 yards. My bow is only 58lbs and I am shooting about 375 grains (est). It was around $40 at BassPro.

We also have a Redhead Target. It has the layers of what I can only describle as foam stacked, and the layers are wrapped in thick shrink wrap. Field-tips slip right out without too much problem. It's more expensive than the Delta target. $65.00 on sale at BP.

Lastly we have a 3D buck. This is a good target, but a bank breaker. The insert is solid foam, and I have a hard time getting my Beman ICS shafts out with a serious pull. It transports on in our van, but I would have a hard time taking it in my little POS Neon. Set up easy. Just drive 2 stakes in the ground and slip the head on. I love to see people stop on the road and look when my wife is at full draw on it. If you have around $200, and want to get a giggle.

Hope that helps!
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I've used an Morell Yellow Jacket target with both field points and Broadheads and it has lasted me three years. Time for an new one this year, most likely going to buy an Morell six shooter and most likely and 3D deer the next time they come on sale at the local BPS. ALso have been looking at joining an local archery club but have put it on hold as I have applied for an new job and if offered it I'll be moving away from the area far enough that it would not be worth the drive.

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I have a Yellow Jacket that I use for broadheads.......way too tough pulling field tips out of it. I keep it at my lot where I can shoot longer distances than at home. I use it to get fine tuned before hunting season.

I just bought a McKenzie Shot Blocker for home and it is a very fine target!!!
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Originally Posted by Colorado Rick View Post
Lastly we have a 3D buck. This is a good target, but a bank breaker. The insert is solid foam, and I have a hard time getting my Beman ICS shafts out with a serious pull.

If you don't have an arrow puller, invest in one. They sure do make pulling arrows a heck of a lot easier. When you go to use it, spread it as much as you can and make sure it's snug against the arrow shaft. Wrap your hand around the puller and squeeze it tight, then pull your arrow. It should come out much easier than trying to pull with your bare hand.
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